Goodyear 12" Oil Filter Wrench (Clamp Type) - Heavy Duty

Goodyear 12″ Oil Filter Wrench (Clamp Type) – Heavy Duty


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GY11285 Heavy Duty 12″

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About Goodyear 12″ Oil Filter Wrench (Clamp Type) – Heavy Duty :-

  • An Oil Filter Wrench (Clamp Type) is used to remove and install oil filters.
  • It is designed to fit around the oil filter and provide a secure grip for easy removal or installation.

Features of Goodyear 12″ Oil Filter Wrench (Clamp Type) :-

  • Non Slip Handle :- The handle of the oil filter wrench is coated with a non-slip material such as rubber or plastic, which provides a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable Design :- The wrench is designed to be adjustable, allowing it to fit a wide range of oil filter sizes.
  • Clamp Style :- The wrench uses a clamp-style mechanism to grip onto the oil filter securely, ensuring that it won’t slip or come loose during use.

Uses of Goodyear 12″ Oil Filter Wrench (Clamp Type) :-

  • The Clamp Type Oil Filter Wrench is a type of wrench that uses a clamp mechanism to grip the oil filter. It has a series of teeth that engage with the filter housing and tighten as you turn the handle, providing a secure grip on the filter.

What makes our Product Best ?

  • Premium Quality : This Oil Filter Wrench will be by far the sturdiest, comfortable and useful filter wrench you have ever owned and you expect a long life out of it.
  • A must have tool : It’s pretty much a must have tool in your tool box, the tool handle is sturdily built.
  • Easy to Use : The Clamp Type Oil Filter Wrench is easy to use, with a simple design that allows for quick and efficient removal of oil filters.
  • Cost Effective : Compared to other types of oil filter wrenches, the clamp type is often more affordable while still providing reliable performance.


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